Weather effects on dry hair – tips to nourish your hair

The main factors attributed to hair loss include dihydrotestosterone, deficiency in nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins and some infections. Unknown to many, these factors could be made worse by exposure of hair to extreme weather. The experience is worse for men since they don’t wear protective hairstyles as most women do.

Extreme temperatures damages the hair

We want to maintain a perfect hair look we had in the morning before carrying on with our daily routine. To do that, let us consider the effects of weather on dry hair and how to counteract them.

1. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun

The skin is not the only thing affected by ultraviolet. Just like it needs sunscreen, the hair needs to be protected from UV as well. Keratin is the protein component of the hair affected most by radiation. Its purpose is to repair damaged hair and give it a healthy. As a photosensitive compound, Keratin and other proteins such as collagen absorb the UV from the sun. These rays degrade these compounds, and in the process, free radicals are produced which bring the oxidative stress effect on the hair follicles. The hair pigment is destroyed as well. The overall effect of this is hair loss and loss of hair color. It is almost impossible to avoid UV radiation on the hair, therefore, always use the Profollica’s hair activator gel formulated with UV filters, every day before going out. L-Phenylalanine is a compound in Profollica which stimulates the production of melanin(hair pigment) thus giving color to the hair.

2. Temperature causes cuticle to scale

Extreme temperatures in both cold and hot cases are damaging to the hair. When it is summer time, most of us love basking. We remember to apply sunscreens and forget to do something about the hair that is affected by hot temperature as well. What people don’t know is that when the sun is too hot, it has the same effect on the hair as that of hot styling objects such as flat iron. The cuticle (outer protective covering of the hair) scales up either in hot or cold temperatures. When this happens, the cortex is exposed, and some components such as proteins, melanin, and moisture are lost to the air. At this point, your hair will lose color and strength. Now that you know what hot weather will do to your hair, use the Profollica product on your hair before basking or before going out in winter. This product will seal up your cuticle and enrich your cortex to attain a strong and healthy hair.

3. Wind causes split ends

Split ends develop at the end of the hair shafts as hair strands brush against each other in windy weather. Split ends could be a sign of deficiency in minerals and vitamins such as biotin and vitamin B. It could also be a sign of damaged hair follicles. Deficiencies in these nutrients are manifested by hair shaft splitting and being made worse by weather conditions such as wind. The best way to curb this problem is to nourish the hair with proper hair nutrition. One of the best hair treatment products in the market is Profollica which contains all vitamins, proteins, and minerals that the hair needs to flourish. L-Glycine an ingredient in Profollica, repairs damaged hair cells. Vitamin B-complex promotes healthy growth of hair. A combined action of these elements minimizes and prevents split ends.

We all want to enjoy any form of weather without damaging the hair. Using Profollica will allow you enjoy winter, summer and any other extreme weather that may affect your hair.