Risk of hair loss – best treatment options

What makes us prone hair loss? It is an answer that most people would like to know and what would make it better is getting an insight on how to prevent hair loss.

Best treatment options for hair loss


People experiencing hair losses have lost their self-esteem and feel embarrassed in social gatherings or public places. First of all, about half the total population of individuals globally experience baldness. You are not alone. It is a problem being handled by the best scientists in the world and treatments which treat hair loss have been invented in the process. Who is at a risk of hair loss?

People with inherited genes of baldness

This kind of baldness is known as alopecia, and it affects men mostly. For the longest time now, people have thought that alopecia is irreversible. Men have been told to accept their state of baldness and move on because no treatment will ever work for them. Studies indicated that the androgen receptor gene in men with baldness is mutated.

All men have the androgen receptor gene, but baldness occurs in men with mutated androgen receptor gene passed on to them by their parents. The activity of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase in the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is stronger in people with the mutated gene than those with not. DHT miniaturizes hair follicles and causes their fall off.

The best hair treatment to reverse this process is one that inhibits the action of 5-alpha-reductase of producing DHT. L-Lysine is among the potent ingredients, found in Profollica that inhibit the production of 5-alpha reductase thereby reducing the levels of DHT. This hair treatment has proved to be effective in treating Male Androgenic Alopecia.

2. Aged people

As we age, hair follicles produce less hair. Melanin production is reduced as well, and the thickness of hair strand decreases due to a reduction in protein production and absorption. Naturally, our body cells become less active with age thus reducing their efficiencies in performing body processes. Is there a way to make hair cells active again? Yes, through Profollica hair treatment. It is packed with amino acids and vitamins that awake the dormant hair follicles. The amino acids promote hair manufacturing and melanin production preventing the graying of hair as well.

Age affects the absorption of essential hair minerals such as zinc, copper, and iron. L-Histidine an ingredient found in Profollica boosts the absorption of these nutrients despite the age. A 60-year-old will attain a youthful hair look with Profollica hair treatment.

3. People prone to scalp infections such as ringworm.

Infections such as ringworms degrade the aesthetic appearance of the scalp. They prevent hair growth and prove hard to treat in some people. These are some diseases that need to be addressed from the inside first. The daily supplements of Profollica treatment system contain L-Aspartic Acid an amino acid that produces antibodies to fight infections which prevent hair growth such as ringworms.

The mentioned risk factors here are just a few of other causes of baldness.

The best treatment considers all causes of hair loss, and that is what the manufacturers of Profollica had in mind when they created it. People who have used Profollica have confirmed that it is the best treatment that promotes hair growth and minimizes hair loss.