Main causes of baldness

Causes of baldness in men

What comes into the minds of the majority of people when they see a heap of hair on their brushes is cancer. Well, cancer is not the only thing that will make you lose your hair. Baldness could be as a result of hormones and deficiencies in some compounds needed in the process of hair manufacturing. Let us look at a detailed explanation of its main causes below:

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Dihydrotestosterone is an androgenic hormone that promotes shrinking and falling off of hair on the scalp. DHT is a male hormone which means that men are more prone to baldness than women. Women also have testosterone, but the damaging effects of the male hormone on their hair are reversed by estrogen. What choice do men have since they have low levels of estrogen which cannot override DHT? Should they just accept baldness and move on? What if I told you there is a product in the market known as Profollica which promotes hair growth and prevents baldness?

The inventors of Profollica understand that DHT in men is continually produced therefore it is almost impossible for them to live without baldness. This hair treatment is formulated with extracts such as Panax ginseng which inhibits the damaging action of DHT on hair and prevents further production of this hormone.

Lack of water

Do you wonder why almost all hair products contain water as a moisturizer? It is because water is an essential component of hair strands. Are you aware that your hair strands contain water? Hair that is not properly moisturized is brittle and is prone to breaking. Water is responsible for the breakdown of compounds in the body into nutrients that can be readily utilized by the body cells. Without water, our hair follicles wouldn’t have the nourishment they need for them to grow. When the roots of the hair follicles are properly hydrated, then they can transfer nutrients to the hair shafts.

Water helps in the elimination of toxins such as free radicals whose oxidative stress destroys hair cells. It, therefore, acts as an antioxidant. Without water, your hair will grow unhealthily and eventually fall off. If you forget to drink the recommended amount of water daily, Profollica is a great moisturizer. It contains water that hair strands need for them to stay well hydrated.

Deficiency in Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Lack of lysine a type of amino acid has been linked to baldness. Among the proteins produced by amino acids, are collagen and keratin. These proteins are essential for hair growth and maintenance. For instance, collagen regenerates dormant hair follicles and keratin, on the other hand, acts as a protective cover to protect hair strands to protect them from oxidative stress and chemicals that we expose to our hair daily. We may not lack amino acids in our diet but how sure are we that we include those involved in hair manufacturing in our foods? To clear that doubt, use Profollica hair treatment which is packed with many amino acids among them being lysine and arginine.

Deficiency in Vitamins

Vitamins are essential in hair nourishment. They dilate blood vessels allowing more nutrients to be taken to the hair shafts. Deposits of calcium have been spotted through X-rays on the scalps of men with baldness. These deposits constrict blood vessels allowing minimal or no passage of blood to the scalp promoting hair loss. Vitamins step in to dilate these vessels and restore nourishment to the scalp and the hair follicles. If you have calcium deposits, then a deficiency in vitamins will promote baldness. Worry not; Profollica is packed with your daily needs of vitamins such as biotin and vitamin B.

Any form of baldness can be treated if you address its causes, and Profollica has proven to reduce hair loss by 99.99%.