How to reduce premature hair loss

Hair loss has become, a major concern for people experiencing baldness as well as the scientists developing treatments for this problem. There is a variety of products on the market that claim to reverse the effect of baldness, but what we get on social media forums are complaints that hair loss got worse after using some treatments. What could be the problem? Is it that these products contain few or no ingredients that boost hair growth or their manufacturers more after money than their client’s satisfaction?

Reduce premature hair loss with Profollica

This article will talk about how to reduce premature hair loss. What will be mentioned here is scientifically tested thereby making this discussion a worthwhile read for anyone experiencing hair loss.

1. Supply the body with Vitamin B

Did you know that without vitamin B, there wouldn’t be a hair manufacturing process? Vitamin B is an essential nutrient in the formation of hair follicles and the maintenance of the hair stem cells. Among the major causes of balding, is the calcification of the scalp which narrows and closes blood vessels meant to transport nutrients to the hair follicles for their growth. Vitamin B dilates blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow to the scalp, increasing nourishment for the hair stem cells. The human body cannot manufacture Vitamin B. Therefore we need to supply it with these nutrients. There is no better way to doing that than taking the Profollica daily supplements which are in the form of tablets. One tablet is enough to provide the body with the amount of vitamin B it needs for a day’s homeostatic processes.

2. Take L-Arginine Frequently

L-Arginine is an amino acid essential for the manufacture of proteins in the body, specifically collagen, and keratin. Hair grows in phases; the Anagen phase, the catagen phase, and the telogen phase. In the Anagen phase, hair growth is active, in the catagen phase hair follicles become dormant and finally the telogen phase, hair growth is restored. Premature hair loss takes place at the catagen phase, and only the right supplements can take the dormant hair to the telogen phase where the growth is restored. Collagen regenerates dormant hair. Keratin repairs damaged curls and protect it from oxidative stress. L-Arginine can be supplied in the diet but what happens when one can’t afford foods rich in this compound? The complete treatment Profollica provides a cheap supply of L-arginine in sufficient amounts.

3. Make use of the Panax Ginseng extract

Among the many medicinal uses of this herb, is its ability to boost hair growth and prevent premature hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone an androgen hormone is responsible for the shrinking and gradual loss of hair. The Panax ginseng inhibits the production of this hormone on the scalp and reverses its damaging effect on hair. It relaxes blood vessels as well increasing blood flow to the scalp ensuring maximum nourishment to the hair follicles. Obtaining the Panax ginseng extract can be tough especially if it doesn’t grow well in your region. The easier way to supply this compound is through the Profollica’s hair activator gel which is also packed with moisturizers as well.

People who have used Profollica have reported significant hair growth and reduced premature hair loss. Use this product daily for a healthy and voluminous hair.